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25 June 2021

New Decca release: "Morricone Piano Music"

One year following his passing, Universal Music Italy is proud to pay a respectful and creative tribute to Ennio Morricone - a true Maestro who, in a career spanning more than seven decades, and through a dual role of both composer and conductor, brought so much prestige through music to his beloved home country.

If it is true that Maestro Morricone enjoyed enormous popularity for the many soundtracks he wrote – work which bestowed upon him multiple prizes and accolades, including two ©Oscar Awards - then it is also true that he remained keen on writing pieces of classical music designed and conceived for performance in traditional concert halls. These compositions are designed for a range of forces - from solo instruments to complex symphonic ensembles.

Piano Music, to be released at the end of June, is dedicated to Morricone’s compositions for piano solo, and includes most of the repertoire written for this instrument.

At the piano we find Roberto Prosseda, an exceptional artist who remains passionate about the Maestro’s music - to such an extent that the two were very often in touch, with Prosseda even enjoying the privilege of having Morricone dedicate a piece to him.

The new album includes Morricone’s original compositions for piano solo, and will give musicologists and critics the possibility to see Morricone’s music through a new lens, as well as experience nine piano transcriptions of soundtrack favourites made by the Maestro himself; these scores have never previously been made available to the public - until now.

The album will be available worldwide, in both physical and digital forms, and presented under the Decca Black logo - the same logo one under the best-selling album Morricone ’60, conducted by the Maestro, was released.

The producers and team behind the album wish to thank all publishers for this kind and generous collaboration and, above all, wish to thank Maestro’s family – for making this recording possible, and for giving access to these rare and previously unavailable scores.

1.La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano ** 2.09

[The legend of 1900]

2. Invenzione 2.55 3. Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto ** 2.59

[Investigation of a citizen above suspicion]

  1. Canone 1.04

  2. Le due stagioni della vita ** 2.35

  3. Ricercare 4.05

  4. Nuovo cinema Paradiso * ** 2.30

  5. Primo Studio per il pianoforte 4.15

9. Cane Bianco ** 3.10 10. Secondo Studio per il pianoforte 3.20 11. Angeli del potere ** 3.46 12. Terzo Studio per il pianoforte 4.20 13. Metti, una sera a cena ** 4.16

[Love circle]

  1. Quarto Studio per il pianoforte 3.50

  2. Il deserto dei tartari ** 3.20

  3. Rag in frantumi 5.08

  4. Quinto Studio (Catalogo) 10.45

  5. Gott mit uns ** 1.50

  6. Quarto Studio bis per pianoforte e pedaliera *** 3.56

*Music by Ennio e Andrea Morricone ** Piano transcription: Ennio Morricone *** World premiere recording