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Live music as an opportunity for sharing

A recent study published in the Huffington Post sustains that drug addiction doesn't depend so much on the chemical agents, as on the psychological situation of the drug users:
It would seem, then, that solitude and lack of hope are often factors that make it easier to fall into the tunnel. Vice versa, by breaking out of the isolation and sharing experiences with others, it is easier to manage and even overcome these difficulties. And music, in this sense, can be a perfect tool for aggregation. In a live concert, the sharing of a work of art listened to in real time is the gel that can generate new relations and a more intense perception of one's emotions.
Today we tend to live through too many filters: for many people it now comes more naturally to communicate their states of mind and everyday experiences through social networks, rather than by meeting a friend directly in person. Live music, both for those who play and those who listen, is an experience of far greater depth, able to open channels of communication that are profound and direct.
And in the same way, a live meeting with other artists and music operators is worth much more than any virtual contact (by mail, facebook or telephone). This is why, today more than ever, personal contact and a handshake can be determinant elements for our artistic and professional experience and for the development of our personal projects