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Roberto Prosseda regularly teaches at Accademia Musicafelix in Prato (Tuscany, Italy).

The admission examinations for 2020/21 will take place in October 2020.

In Summer 2020 Roberto Prosseda will give several master classes in Italy. More details will be announced within April 2020.

Roberto Prosseda is also available for individual online piano lessons. For info, please send an email to office@robertoprosseda.com



Online lesson (1-to-1) on mfClassrooms platform

Roberto Prosseda is available for online piano lessons on the mfClassrooms platform, which offers high quality audio (Stereo, 384 Kbps) and requires the use of a PC or mac (no tablets or phones) and an external microphone (USB or wit han external audio interface). Microphones such as the BLUE Yeti or the AKG Lyra are recommended and available on Thomann.de and Amazon. Also Zoom adio recorders (H4, H5, H6) are good as USB Stereo microphones (they have t be set at 48Khz samoling rate). The fee for a single lesson of 1 hour is of 150 Euros. For further info, please contact  info@musicafelix.it