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Online video courses by Roberto Prosseda at

The e-learning platform has produced and published three video courses on piano with Roberto Prosseda: they are now online and purchasable at

The first course is on the principles of musical interpretation, and is interesting not only for pianists, but also for musicians in general.

The second is on the basic elements of piano technique, and the third is on strategies for improving piano study and performance.

Each course consists of 5 or 6 video lessons of about 20 minutes each, and the three courses are designed to be taken sequentially as well:

1. Fundamentals of piano technique

1.1 Lever Management

1.2 Arm weight and use of the muscular apparatus

1.3 Finger position and movement on the keyboard

1.4 Scales and arpeggios

1.5 Riveted notes, trills, double notes and chords

1.6 Octaves and octave jumps

2. Technique of sound and expression on the piano

2.1 The control of dynamics and timbre

2.2 The legato and staccato

2.3 The pedal and the control of dampers

2.4 The touch

2.5 The fundamentals of musical expression: accentuation, metrical and rhythmic structure

3. How to shape our interpretation

3.1 The intervallic and harmonic tension

3.2 The tempo and the agogic

3.3 The sonata form and its interpretation

3.4 How to study, part 1. Shaping intentions

3.5 How to study, part II - preparing for performance


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