Mendelssohn Complete Piano Works

"This is the finest set of Mendelssohn’s Songs without Words now available"
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In 2014 Roberto Prosseda completed his 10-year project of recording all of Mendelssohn's Piano Works. All 9 CDs have now been released by Decca.

"Playing Heart, Soul and Feet"

"Italian pianist Roberto Prosseda revives a lost art, recreating the haunting melodies of a pedal piano"
Corinna Wollheim, The Wall Street Journal


Mendelssohn's Piano Concertos

Since his 2009 debut with the Gewandhaus Orchestra and Riccardo Chailly, Roberto Prosseda has performed all of Mendelssohn's Piano Concertos with more than 50 orchestras. In 2016 he will record Mendelssohn’s piano concertos for Decca, with the Residentie Orkest and Jan Willem de Vriend.



iMendelssohn is an informative tool dedicated to the German composer Felix Mendelssohn (1809 - 1847). It is the first app that provides such a wide range of information about a classical composer. It presents the full catalogue of Mendelssohn's works, based on the new catalogue by Ralf Wehner (published by Breitkopf in 2009), a wide selection of Mendelssohn's letters and a selected biography and discography. Several facsimiles of music manuscripts, paintings and handwritten letters are also included.

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Mozart Complete Piano Sonatas

In 2016 Decca releases the first album of Prosseda's complete recording of Mozart's Piano Sonatas. It will be the first recording of Mozart Sonatas with a non-equal temperament on a modern piano.


What is the difference between music reproduction and interpretation?

In this unique project, a human pianist, Roberto Prosseda, challenges a robot-pianist, TeoTronico. Prosseda and TeoTronico will also discuss and debate their own performances, commenting and criticizing each other, in order to stimulate a better perception of the music from the audience.